Winton Players annual pantomime is often described as ‘Petersfield Proper Panto’. This year’s production was Aladdin. Tom worked very closely with winton players, on behalf of The Green A Team for this production.

Director, Jane Blower had designed an effective and minimalistic set, with a vision of dressing the stage with light and colour, to give the effect of a good ol’ fashioned pantomime.

The Green A Team asked Tom to light the pantomime on behalf of their organisation as they felt that Tom could provide The Winton Players with the show that they were dreaming of.

The whole of this show was programmed in a Pre-Vis suite due to time limitations, and the results required very little tweaking once installed in the venue. A few pallets here, a few there and off we went.

Tom specified a rig using stock from The Green A Team with a few added extras brought in from TPT and other sources. The end result received nothing but praise by the organisers and the patrons that came to see the show, so a good result all round. All of Tom’s wishes came true!

Equipment used on this production

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