For the third year running, TPT worked with The Green “A” Team to help deliver one of their annual shows at the Petersfield Festival Hall.

TPT Provided a range of equipment for this annual dance show. After comments from previous years telling us how much the dance school LOVED the LED Lighting for it’s Vivid Color and punch, we knew we needed to take it one step higher!

We programmed 100+ cues for this dance showcase and the feedback from the school and the audience were all positive with one person saying the lighting was ‘outstanding!’

Using TPT equipment as well as their own, The Green “A” Team was able to provide a beautiful and unforgettable lighting experience for the dance company and the audience.

TPT Provided Lighting Equipment, Programming Services and DMX Distribution equipment.

Equipment used in this show

Lighting Designer : Michael D. Finch
Associate Lighting Designer & Lighting Programmer : Tom Pearce

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